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Children's Health


Discusses a range of weight issues for children, teens, parents, and healthcare providers.
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Child Health Research Project

Conducts applied research on the major causes of childhood mortality: diarrhea and respiratory diseases as well as malaria, measles and malnutrition.
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Childrens Dental Health Project

Dedicated to assisting policymakers, healthcare providers, advocates and parents improve childrens oral health and increase their access to dental care.
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Colic Calm Gripe Water

The Natural Colic, Baby Gas and Reflux Medicine Preferred by Moms, Pediatricians and Doulas.
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Daycare in Vancouver by Daycare Bear

Daycare Bear is the main meeting place of Canadian parents and childcare providers (daycare centers, home daycares, dayhomes, babysitters).
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Parenting directory and search engine with resources to help parents find information on their childs health.
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Latsa Company

Dental health educational products for children.
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Mehta Childcare

Articles about childrens health, diseases, vaccination, and other parenting concerns.
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Pediatric Dental Health

Provides information, resources, and answers for enhancing the oral and dental health of children.
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Rainbow Raccoons

Promotes health, education, and safety for kids with stories and pictures.
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Rice Romp

A nutritional and learning guide geared toward grades 4-7. Presented by the United States Rice Producers Association.
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Triaminic Parents Club

Includes reading resources, games, links, and information on kids coughs and colds.
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